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Project Description

Leigham Court Road

location: Lambeth London SW16
client: Notting Hill Housing
service: RIBA Stages A-D+ and CfSH Assessment

A new-build, wholly residential scheme to the rear of an existing apartment building in Streatham, on a tightly-constrained, backland site.

The development provides 19 dwellings in one four-storey apartment building and five terraced family houses.

The site slopes steeply down towards the south with neighbouring properties facing the proposed development on three sides. The buildings are set into the slope and follow the existing contours, stepping down in height with the slope of the land. A simple brick form is articulated with a series of timber veneered panels. All flats have large private balconies which are carefully orientated and screened to maximise amenity and privacy.

Existing mature trees have been retained and the  landscape treatment provides a rich and varied external environment to enhance bio-diversity and includes a dedicated children’s play area, shared with existing residents.

All homes are designed to achieve ‘Code for Sustainable Homes’ Level 4. Passive, sustainable measures were incorporated to minimise energy consumption, combined a with a roof –mounted array of photovoltaic panels

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