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Thurlow Park Road

location:   West Dulwich
client:       One Housing Group

service:    RIBA Stages 3-6
value:       £3 million

The development at 99 Thurlow Park Road comprises 9 high-specification new homes for private sale comprising one 4 bedroom penthouse and eight 3 bedroomed duplex apartments. The site is located on land within the boundaries of the historic ‘Dulwich Estate’, a charitable Trust established in the 17th Century.

One Housing Group purchased the site with a planning consent by other architects, and subsequently appointed TM Architects to assess the proposals for compliance with their brief, in terms of internal layout, technical standards and buildability. We identified a number of issues and made proposals for improvements, with the aim of maximising value, whilst working within the constraints of the existing consent as far as possible. Our appointment included the submission of a revised planning application that includes significant internal changes along with more minor amendments to the external facades.


The new development maximises the site’s potential, taking advantage of a steeply sloping topography, with the building being set into the slope. At lower ground floor level, bedrooms open onto private rear courtyards, with main living spaces above, and the upper ground floor linked to the communal rear garden via a bridge. This makes best use of the developable area, allowing 5 storeys of accommodation to sit on the site at an appropriate scale and height with the surroundings. All 3 bedroom apartments are dual aspect duplexes, with wide open plan living areas on one level, and bedrooms arranged across the full depth of the building on the other level. The 4 bedroom apartment is a single storey penthouse, arranged with a generous opening plan living area immediately to one side of the top-lit entrance hall, and all bedrooms and other more private spaces located to the other side. A south facing terrace runs along the whole length of the apartment.


External facing materials have been selected for their quality, appearance and longevity, with buff brickwork and projecting double height bays clad in dry-cast reconstituted Bath Stone panels. The high-performance timber window frames will have a factory applied finish, colour selected to tone in with the brickwork. External hard landscaping finishes have been selected to complement the building facades, and a landscape architect was appointed to ensure that a high quality landscaped front and rear gardens will been delivered.


Photography © Tidy Work Studio
Images © One Housing Group